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Please select a map from the drop down below to get the specification sheet data in CSV format. Copy from the right panel and paste into a text file and save as CSV.

Troubleshooting Information
If the GUI doesn't work and gives JavaScript errors (or fails silently), you need to check for the following:

  • Make sure that your browser is JavaScript enabled.
  • Make sure that you have Flash Player 8 (or above) installed for this browser.
  • Make sure that Flash Player settings is configured to enable JavaScript interaction. To configure the Flash Player Settings, you need to go to the Settings Manager at Adobe's website. There, add this folder (from which you're running this file) as a secure location (Always Allow).
  • Or, if you do not want to change the JavaScript settings, you can run this page from a web server (either local or remote). In that case, the permissions do not need to be changed.